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In a historic action, the NCAA handed down severe penalties to the Penn State football program. The Nittany Lions have been fined $60 million; banned from bowl games for 4 years; had their scholarship limit reduced from 85 per year to 65 and their maximum new scholarships per year reduced from 25 to 15 for the same 4 year time period (making it unlikely they’d win enough games to go to a bowl game anyway); and vacated all 112 wins since the 1998 season. Not wanting to pass up a chance to kick some dirt on a member school when they’re down, the Big 10 (give or take a few) conference announced that PSU would not be receiving their share of conference bowl revenue for 4 years, a further financial hit estimated at $13 million.


The penalties were the most severe handed down since SMU got the death penalty in 1987. Some have argued that PSU was actually hit harder. But the historic aspect was not the size of the penalties nor their impact on PSU but rather the brave new world the NCAA decided to create for itself.





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